This is a submission to  #GreatAutumnGameJam2021

How to play:

      - Remember what the customer likes and prepare a dish to their liking.

      - If you can't remember your customer's order, check your phone.

      - The customer will rate the order on your website. If they give you a perfect review, they'll come back the next day.

      - You can use your phone at night.

      - Sending a catch from the fishing phone app to a customer will make them come by, if they like it.

      - (Sparkles are decorative and do not influence ratings)

Jam Jars - NOM NOM by Anaïs on Sketchfab


Left Mouse Click on any button, dialogue or on the phone.

ESC to pause

How to win:

There's no limit or win conditions to the game.

Getting 9 or more perfect ratings in a single day is a good challenge if you want to set yourself a goal.

However, you'll lose if you get bad reviews for 3 days straight.



Music by Adrián Cortés

Design, Code, 2D&3D Art by Anaïs Salla

Sfx: Soundly & Jummbus

Fonts:  Google Fonts

Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(271 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity, Aseprite
Tags3D, Animals, Atmospheric, autumn, cafe, Cozy, Cute, Management, Relaxing, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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NOMNOM_Linux_Build_01_2024_v2.rar 35 MB
NOMNOM_Mac_Build_01_2024_v2.rar 33 MB

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i loveee this game so much~ it's so relaxing and the customers are adorable!! i hope there will be more food choices soon!

thank you so much!!!

there's no updates planned for this game other than bug fixes 💔 but it is because I'm currently working on a PC/mobile/consoles full version (called Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café) 🥳❤️ you can wishlist it on steam to support me

omg hello~ there will be a full version soon? yaaaay, i'll add it to my wishlist ASAP 🫡 looking forward to it 🫶🏻

thank u sm you're so sweet 🤗


first time playing and i love it

thank you sm ❤️

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you are welcome :3

Very cute game <3

thank you <3

Reminds me of vhs 

lol I will take this is as a compliment 

Me when I realise how good the game is:



Hey, mate! Love your game, though it did take me a minute to figure out pancakes weren't the only thing I could make lol.

The one (yet annoying) bug I seem to be getting is where the background continues to repeatedly glitch out and flicker when I go and make orders for the customers. It really hurts my eyes a lot and kind of takes away the "relaxing" feel to this game. 

I would take a picture, but the flickers happen so fast I can't seem to get them in the screenshot.

I'm on a chromebook using the web version if that helps :D

Hi!! thank you so much! Could you please tell me which background you're talking about so I can fix it?

Deleted 33 days ago

thank you for showing me!! you can go ahead and delete it if you want

thank you for the heads up! will fix it the next time I can work on this game.

This game is truly relaxing, it accompanies me when i have nothing to do. i will probably play it again!

thank you <3

love this game, super cute so i decided to use it for a future video! is there anyway to make the game save? i couldnt figure it out and lost all progess womp womp


nope, when I made this game I had no idea how to make save files. I might add saves in the future but I'm currently working on another game so I don't have time right now. Thank you!! ❤️

This was a really pretty and fun short little game. The characters and environment look great. I had a fun time :>

thank you <3

Great Game !

thank you!!

got to day 5

Such a cute game!! Pls make it longer 

Might be my new favorite game


thank you so much <3


I really love the game. It’s so relaxing and so satisfying that you can color and decorate the place like you want it.

Hey! I love this game! It's so relaxing and cute, just what I need.

Also I seemed to have found a bug. On day 2, usually when a customer appears, their first messages would be like "well well, let's see", etc. But when Toast comes in, the first sentence wasn't any of that but something like "texts not found". (I forgot to take a pic sr)

thank you for letting me know! Ill fix it when I can

this was the most Relaxing Game I played all year. Raeally I could do this the whole day

Thank you <3

cuanto se demora el juego ?

hola!! debería tardar poquito en cargar pero solo la primera vez, y dura hasta que tu quieras!

This is adorable! How great!


thank you so much!!

Adorable game, and very fun and addictive! I kinda wish there was an option where returning customers will sometimes just ask for "the usual"  so that you have to actually remember their order. This would also make it faster to skip dialogue.

Also, I found a bug:

When the timer runs out, and there's still customers in line, only the customer at the counter leaves. The customers left in line remain as ghosts, that never disappear. They don't block the next day's customers, but their avatars are still standing there in their idle animation, and visually obstruct my view of the next customer. 

This picture is at the end of day 7 (I think I had "day 7" twice?). This was the second day of not being able to help everyone (I'm too popular, lol), and you can see 2 sets of ears in the line.

Also, I'm playing in the browser (chrome).

thank you so much!!

Found another bug :( when I started the game the first animal to come didn't talk, his speech bubble was there but it was completely blank and I had to restart

I've restarted a few times already, and it keeps happening so I can't play 

Tried a few more times and it's working now :)

weird!! I'll check this too, can you share which platform are you playing in?

I'm on windows version

thank you!


On my third day a little guy came in and left while telling me his order, I made it and he never came to get it, holding another little guy who was in line, and I got two bad reviews, from the guy in line and from the one that left, who said I "didn't take his order" or something. 
Also, not a complaint, but some little guys seem to really like the food and keep coming back 2-3 times on the same day, and I think that's very cute.

:( I will try to fix this bug next round. I fixed most bugs last week but I'm currently very busy developing Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café and can't invest so much time on this one now!

Thank you for your comment!! The satisfied customer coming back again and again is completely intentional! I'm glad you noticed and liked it! <3

I have the same problem as AsamiiRorona, so i'll try to explain. On day 1, if i do everything perfect, i get 1,5 of the 3 stars but 0 reviews. On day 2 and 3 i get no stars and no reviews. And then I get a game over

windows version btw

thank you!! I'll try to fix it but I have no idea what's causing this


thank you. it works now

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why won't my stars go up? i make the dish perfect and I have everything on the shelves im so confused, i get no reviews as well 

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no reviews at all? im sorry you're experiencing this, it's the first time I hear about it.

If you can explain in more detail I could try to fix it: Are you getting no comments on the website, or are they 0 stars? 


This game is so cute! I love the animals. :)


thank you so so much!!! 💖

literally was only playing for 10 minutes and just fell in love!! the critters are so adorable  🥰  i cant wait for more 🩶

thank youu 💖

this was really great! hoping for more to come hehe


thank you 💖

OKAY UHH, So i know i sound kinda stupid. But how do you make stuff sourrr... I NEED ANSWERS

Please im an idiot in need of assistance


when you are in the pancakes screen there's arrows to the left and right, choose the yoghurt

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This game is so relaxing ! This game is one of the cuttest game i ever made great work ! And i wonder what is sour because the beggining bear wanted something sour...i gived him pancakes :/

yoghurt!! thank you 💖

Such an adorable game made me smile <3


thank you so much :) <3

On day six my customer just took off without their order even though i got it right, i can still access the phone but the time ran out and i still had 3 people in line :(

yes sorry, there's some issue with the clock :( It's on my list and it will be fixed when I can find some time to do it

Same here, the third customer (Roy) on day 2 left just after giving me their order. I had 1 waiting in line, then the second time ran out there were 2 waiting. Game essentially freezes here. 

I may have pressed the jam button too early and broke something? Roy wasn't quite done with the last dialogue bubble when I pressed it, but as soon as they finished they immediately turned and left.

Hi!! What platform (web, windows, mac) are you playing?

Web (firefox) on a mac

thank you!! I'll try to update today

this should be fixed now!

Hi! Love this! Sorry to ask stupid questions, but after I make the jam I'm having difficulty with progressing to the dishes.  I'm using Mac desktops in my school lab, so I tried command and click as well as attempting left click. Where am I going wrong here?

hi!! sorry I don't have a Mac and I'm unable to test it. Everything should work with a simple click. Check out the last .gif in the description to see how to choose a dish! 

If the buttons do not work anyways, please let me know and I will try to fix it

Actually figured this one out, but thanks for the response. Are you hopefully any closer to fixing the bug that has customers lining up in a later level but makes it impossible to interact with them? 

(1 edit)

right now I'm working on a complete game, based on this one. I suspect the customers lining up is caused by an issue with the clock of some sort, maybe when alt-tabbing the game, but I'm currently too busy to fix it. This game was a gamejam project made in under 20 days, so it's surely buggy. I'll get around it whenever I'm free (not soon sadly). Hope you understand 💖

Of course I understand. I was just really hoping to use this with my students. If you can please get back to me whenever it's fixed, I'd greatly appreciate it as I'd also like to share it with other schools. Thanks.

i will!!

Hi! I couldn't find what was causing this specific issue since I could not replicate it, but I've fixed some bugs and maybe this one issue stemmed from those (so hopefully it does not happen anymore). There's also a new version for Mac and you should be able to open the game easier now! 

woo! i love how cozy everything is <3

thank you so much!!!! 22! what a run!

Hi1 love this game!

When I finished day 6 there was customers still waiting and I couldn't interact with them, the waiting line grew longer but I was unable to complete orders or close the store I could only use the phone. Apart from this had no other issues :)

ohh sorry about that! I'll try to look into it, I don't know what's causing that bug

thank you for playing!! <3

I had a similar issue.. The customers kept piling in and I couldn't interact with them. Hopefully this can be fixed? Thanks.

I loved this game!! PLEASE add more stuff to it :)

I'm developing a full game based on this one :)

19 reviews, all 3 stars

so good!!

I found a bug:

When you get the food to the customer after the time runs out, the game doesn’t take the food, and entirely freezes except for the animations in the window.

oops! thank you! I'll see if I can fix it

This was a nice and cosy game with adorable characters and a really fun gameplay loop and a wonderful experience !
I gib people many nom noms!

thank you for playing and for the video <3 <3

Hiya! This is such a relaxing game honestly I enjoyed making jam and the decorations are so adorable so are the customers, I reached 20 3 stars reviews on day 5, I messed up Sammy's order ( If I remember their name correctly ) so I tried to send them as many gifts as possible but they still didn't come back haha, lovely game overall <3

thank you so much <3

i wish i could play it, but my computer cant handle it :/
but i always see gameplays of this game and just by seeing it, i know its wholesome!

hi! Have you tried downloading it? Or playing on mobile ? It works on my phone (simply by opening this page, but you gotta let it load).

You could also try playing on the Coolmath page, but it's an older version with more bugs.

Thank you for commenting, I hope you can try it!

I am trying to download the game for a Mac, but it does not open as a zip file? how do I open the game? xx

Hi!! I don't have a Mac and I don't have one at my disposal to test it, but I assume you simply have to extract the .zip file, then launch the .exe. If it does not work, let me know and I'll try to solve it. 

You can also play on browser!

Thank you!

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This game is so wholesome and cute, I only played a little so far but I'm really loving it. The artwork is super satisfying to look at, this game definitely made me calm down since i felt a little anxious today❤️ Thank you for making this incredible game


thank you for sharing ❤️ I'm happy to hear that

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